Anyone who has ever been in a job interview is not unknowingly that HR is asking about the job seeker's past. They are curious about successes, failures, experiences and crisis management techniques. 


Answering Techniques in the Job Interview

Successful responses must meet the following criteria:


First and foremost, whatever the exact answer is, you must always be able to apply to the position you just applied to. For example, if you apply for a marketing communication position and ask yourself how strong your communication skills are, you need to talk about the number of successful advertising slogans for customers how successful your content was on the company's website and how many PR articles you wrote certain magazines.

Another important aspect is the structure of the response, so be careful not to miss the details while storytelling. It is not necessary to tell all the background information, as this will draw students' attention to the more important details. Additionally, your answer will prompt the interviewer to further inquire. That means you are interested in your story, that is, yourself.

You have a win if you're eager to tell. Whether it's fundraising or marketing results, the interviewer feels that you've been doing your job with heart and soul, and you've felt the success of your business.

Last but not least, the golden rule applies here too: get ready for the job interview thoroughly. Find out about the company and know exactly what to expect from the advertised position. As you are aware of the information you can focus on the skills you need to fill your post during the story.


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