Benefits of Working With a Personal Agency

So what are the advantages of outsourcing part of the selection process? There are many insights and motives that can be taken into consideration when placing this question, responding to her. By being on this page and reading these lines, you certainly have your theme, but perhaps with this or the following text you will get a better insight into the other benefits that come from such cooperation.

It goes without saying that other benefits from working with a personal agency come to the owner of a small or medium-sized business that needs a primary break from certain activities where it is not at home and otherwise looking at a staff agency with the HR manager of a large company. Apart from the specifics, however, there are objective facts about all “segments” that apply to everyone.

 Let's name them briefly and detach them in more detail:

  1. The cost of the opportunities you have paid, or focus on your core business
  2. Everyone is an expert and someone who is doing something better at home
  3. Cancel your pre-selection, or get rid of paper making and spend your time with a valuable candidate
  4. Finding a needle hay when you need specialists or extremely skilled people who do not grow like rainbows, so it's just the right time to reach the headhunter for help
  5. A personal consultant is also a consultant who has a market overview and can compare “candidate quality” with a benchmark
  6. Another counseling advantage of working with a professional is to look at the labor market and compare the employer's terms with the competition or industry as well as confrontation with the market reality


Certain other benefits can be found, but I think that these points capture the substance and added value that a firm can bring to a good personal consultant or HR agency .

In some firms, recruitment agencies are used regularly, others reach for help only when they do not know the advice or want to be sure of the right choice. Some do not have time, others are looking for expertise. The reasons are different, but if the manager (the owner) of the company did anything to cooperate with the agency – whatever the motive or the primary motive, the added value it can get is definitely more than it would seem at first glance. Let's look at it in closer detail.

Let's look at it quite simply. You have your core business – just the job you do that creates value and for which you pay. Whether you are paying for it as a company or a customer. to its owner or as a manager / director in the form of wages. What is important is that if you are going to pick a man – to complete the entire selection process with your own forces and you are not a specialist or a specialist, you have to devote it to the quantum of time that is taken away from the production of added value.

Do something for which you have not created a clear system or a set of processes that you would at least understand as a means of creating or doing it “on your knees”. Creating a system – at least primitive but functional without experience or know-how, usually takes the hill of time (thinking, designing, debugging, …). As far as we know, the market is a share of resources for everything, but as it is already in place – in any new activity, you need to get started first, until you get it in the blood. In the case of the realization of something on the knee, the quality of output is mostly the same.

This is exactly the way outsourcing is hired as a personal consultant or staffing agency . This way, you can make sure that your choice is done with proper professional care.

You certainly have experienced the situation when not and not finding a suitable candidate. You've tried everything you thought, but finding the man you need is not even for months. If you do not know what I'm talking about? So you are either very skilled or lucky or you just have a low level … But if you've encountered such a situation, the help of a good HR agency is just what you need. Because personal agencies are at home in the labor market, they know the paths and have invented ways how and where people look, how to reach them and motivate them to change. Because their consultants are people who are networking (they build and maintain contacts) and they know how to handle the process as well as the selection and recommendation of great candidates.

By choosing an outsourcing partner for your search and select activities, you can benefit from the additional value added advisory that a good consultant can give you. One of the basic advantages is that a lot of people are passing by the hand with whom he meets in interviews, which leads to several things:

  • It recognizes qualitative differences between people in different professions and identifies the best
  • It is also possible to reach out to candidates who are not looking for a job and to offer them work in your company
  • Know the labor market, industry, salaries, … ask yourself, you can definitely move interesting information


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