When examining the suitability of a candidate position, it is crucial to see the facts and figures behind the well-researched curriculum vitae. They determine the actual suitability of the applicant.


CV and What's Behind It


Why do we say or write all this? Think about it. Data is contextual to general terms and allegations, without them the autobiography contains empty words that can be freely interpreted. For example, it was not for a five-person or a two-hundred-strong team led by someone at their previous job, and of course they would not be fit for the same position. If you do not find the data in your CV, ask them at the latest on the admission question, otherwise we will be able to keep key information about the candidates. Show what you should pay attention to!

The first and the most important are finances.

 If you want to get a real insight into whether a candidate has been successful in the past, let's look at what their former workplaces have contributed to their progress. For example, did you handle a budget? It is basically a good sign if you have taken financial responsibility in the past, and the size of your budget shows how serious the applicant is and what you can entrust. And if we see in the resume that the person has ideas or solutions that have profited the company, then it clearly indicates that he is a valuable workforce.

Your other key is time.

 In today's fast-paced business environment, good time management is a sign of being productive. Of course this is difficult to find out from the CV, but it is not impossible. For example, it does not matter how fast you work, but how much time you spend with us. Take the sign if the candidate's CV is full of 1-1.5 years and is no longer a career. Nor is it all that has the skills to shorten workflows. It is a good sign if you have introduced a working method or ideas that saved your company.

Also be aware of the geographic scope of the candidate's work, the extent to which its effectiveness is effective. 

Some focus on a single city and specialize in the market, others cover more regions and even continents. None are better than the other, but they are obviously completely different. These are numbers that we need to ask. The geographic range of the connection system is also a data that tells a lot about how well the person is known within the industry.


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