It is important to know that in a job interview not only the HR but also the prospective employee can ask questions. Moreover, the smart candidate can make a particularly impressive impression on the prospective employer.


Let's ask what's good about the job interview!


You need to know

In short, perhaps we could summarize the essence. We can formulate something a bit longer: it is worth asking the employer and employee for the most important things in an interview to give a positive impression. The company must be thoroughly prepared and it is not worth asking for evidence because it will simply be unsuitable and unprepared. However, based on the following questions, we can get a clear picture of the opportunities offered by the company, and the HR that is facing us is assured that you are a well-intentioned and purposeful candidate.


One of the most important questions is what do we expect from us in the first three months? 

Why is this topic important? Well, the well-trained candidate needs to become aware of the requirements now, because he does not want to spend some weeks in order to gradually become acquainted with the organization's functioning.


At least as important as these are the company's key objectives and how can we contribute to achieving them? 

The first thing that seems to be a bit blurry and flattering is this question, but in practice it is aimed at the importance of the job advertised for the company and whether it will have a bearing on the work done by the candidate. The outstanding candidate deserves meaningful work, which contributes to achieving a larger goal and wants to work with people who are similar to their tasks. Otherwise, his work would not have any particular meaning.


It is also worth asking how many of the employees have been brought to the company by those who have been working here

Why is this important? Employees who love their work, others are also willing to recommend the company. If there are many employees at the company who are attracted to by colleagues there, this is a testament to the fact that they are an advanced corporate culture, that is, a good job.


What are your plans for special cases? 

This is also a very important issue for what happens if, for example, a new competitor enters the market, or the government introduces unexpected new regulations, the prices of raw materials suddenly increase or economic trends change. From the employer's point of view, it is completely understandable, even imposing, if the candidate is also wondering whether there is a ready plan for the company in case something unexpected happens.


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