You have submitted your resume to a job posting, but you will not receive an answer for weeks. Are you familiar with the situation? Rest, there are a number of reasons for not responding, even in the deck, that it is not up to the company.


Why do not I get answers to my job application for weeks?


There may be more points where there is an error sliding into the machine.

1. For example, you are in a hurry to hit the phone number or e-mail address for which you want feedback. 

You can not expect HR to go to yours to find out what the right number is. Rather, he works for the other candidates. E-mails may also have been the result of spam being perceived as a spam message, and not the information that was sent in between the incoming mail. If you do not get an answer, you may want to know by phone or email that you are dealing with those who work for that job. Polite but firmly ask him how the selection process is progressing. In good case, you can still get a valid answer.


2. It may also be that although you are a trained and experienced workforce, your choice is not yours. 

You just found a better candidate than you did. It can happen to everyone, you do not have to run to the wall in your sorrow. Instead, try to go further, expecting to find work for you.


3. It's also an annoying, but more positive story, if it does not win the processing due to its HR load. 

So you may get the job, but you can not get it quickly enough, so many people have come. If not a special post has been advertised, but one that you can apply for a lot, it may take weeks to select and have no capacity to request a little patience from anyone in a greeting card.


4. There is no such job.

 It's bad news, but this may be the reason for the lack of a response. Large companies are eager to build databases so that when a development is launched they will have access to a detailed list of scientific requirements, from which they can choose new staff. So, there may not be a current job, the company only collects information and will once be notified that they would have an offer for you. Even worse, if you are interested, you will not be tied to your nose because it is the above option. In this case, you have the same thing as before. Deep air, and move as fast as you can.


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