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Just as everything went down during the summer and the main duties were set in the autumn, it is now time to step out of energy from the sun and the enthusiasm of new projects. Not that you, as excellent recruiters, have been postponing their jobs during the summer holidays, but they were more likely candidates and employers who could not have been hired. Probably, who would not like to use the Caribbean, though? But the card is turning and while you have felt in recent weeks that work is less, in September it will be exactly the opposite.


The influx of new graduates


Even this year, you can look forward to other graduates who have finished their studies and are starting to look for their first job. The roundabout of the arrival of a number of biographies will turn, the phones will ring and the meetings will be filled by new job seekers. Those who did not want to leave it at the last minute have definitely come together with you, but there are always more people who want to enjoy their “last summer”.

There is nothing better for you – the range of suitable candidates will expand and you will soon satisfy the requirements of your business clients. Try to build a relationship with this group so that if they do not immediately feel like they are looking forward to your company. Help them find out what their expectations are and get on the job market and tell them that you will be the ones they trust.


“Return of holidaymakers”


There are few who do not vote in the summer. We are used to enjoying the warm days of rest. Therefore, even if the potential candidate was not satisfied with the job, he often decided that the summer would “last”. At least because she does not get used to traveling during the probationary period she might have come to recruit. So they'd rather use the summer for sunbathing on the beach instead of reconciling with the fact that this year's summer holiday will not be anything. However, the fact is that the selection process lasts sometimes even two months, and so it could already be after a dream vacation. You certainly feel it too. Interest in a job would have been, but to interview, it was more difficult at the thirty-degree heat. Reaction time was longer, confirming emails less. In September, however, many will resolve and try happiness with you.


End of the season in companies


The problem was a bit too with the companies. HR departments of corporate companies yawning emptiness, bosses sailed on yachts in Croatia. Important decisions shifted to later, understand now, we have only one year in the year, and the top manager is just a man. And so the recruitment priority has shifted to a harsher, autumnal period. Still someone thinks weather does not affect us? Do not worry, however, with the arrival of the first September drops, your mailbox will begin to fill and you will not be bored.


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