What are the basics of recruiting


Recruiting is a complex process and no matter if you are a large company HR manager, a department manager / department manager or a small business owner in the recruitment of any employee, you need to handle the following five things:

  • Let me know who I am looking for
  • Handle ability to well target / find suitable candidates
  • Ability to engage and “sell” their job position
  • Integration and adaptation
  • Ability to choose the most appropriate / best

Of course, behind every point is the whole science, but in this article we only have them flying at speed.

Let me know who I am looking for is alpha or the basis of the whole process. If you do not know where you are going, you will never get there. Respectively. you will definitely get somewhere, it is only a question of whether this is the place where you wanted to go. Without the knowledge and understanding of these things, the recruiter is blind. This point is like a project to build a house. Well, try to imagine that you are going to build a house without any project. In addition to the complex concept and visualization, the project also includes all the details that the house actually defines, both constructively and visually.

When working with a personal agency, it is absolutely essential for the consultant to know a thorough job position and to know what it is all about, to be able to clearly imagine the candidate you want with all the key factors to be met. If he knows them, he understands them and can imagine them – he can deliver the desired candidates. But it does not matter whether you do it yourself or through external co-operation. This applies equally to all scenarios. Those who do recruitment must know the job position otherwise they shoot blindly.




Search can take many different forms and various techniques can be incorporated into it. Depending on the needs (or the clear idea of ​​who you are looking for), you will think of possible or appropriate ways as to where the desired person can be found. It's basically a hunt, which you can go for as a hunter. Depending on what you are going to hunt, you choose a district, set up appropriate weapons, creeps, … or hunt a hunter.

The most commonly used tools in most searches are advertisements / personal marketing, search through friends and contacts, and personal ties, schools, databases, job offices, and specialists.

Finding, targeting and capturing capable candidates for your company on the labor market combines the lure, hunting, tracking, sales, marketing, courting, … The ability to attract able candidates the ability to take up and sell a job position to the candidates you are looking for (ie what is it for ) whether in the form of advertising or a well-written / presented job offer that addresses the candidate's demand / choice is key and needs to be managed if you want to achieve good results in the form of good people.
It is essentially a specific form of sales and marketing, and the resulting effect as well as the quality of the response greatly depends on the recruiter's ability to do so in order to successfully achieve the intended effect.


Ability to choose the most suitable Company


is made up of people. In general, businesses have well-established processes for all activities that contribute to product production or service production to deliver quality output to the customer. So, if they are the most valuable asset for a business, it is necessary to have well-engineered processes to choose from. The ability to ask the right questions to get the information we need is key. Deciding intuitively in such an important area is definitely not the right way.

What do you consider if you want to promote someone? On the basis of which you decide whether or not you will retain the accepted person after the trial period? The answer will probably be similar in both cases. We always need to know whether a person is able to fulfill the required tasks, projects, challenges, processes and manage the required quality and time, whether he can cooperate, whether he needs to fight or suffice to set a goal / task … and he is like Swiss watch. For a person you can watch or have the experience with, you can know it directly. When selecting a new person, it is important to know the correct questions.




By accepting the chosen person, the whole process does not end. Although it has to be said that if the selection was done well, this last point will be easy. But it does not need to be overlooked, because otherwise the whole previous effort can end up in the basket. Therefore, an adequate amount of time and energy must be devoted to familiarity with the company, culture, people, expectations, system of work …. and the training of the candidate. Also, create an atmosphere of support (even if it is watered in water) to have a place where to turn.

Of course, all this work with people does not end, just begins, but that's another topic.


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